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Welcome to Into the Mists, a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in the mysterious lands of Barovia!  On the following pages you'll find everything you need to get started.  

The information is divided into three sections:  the Library, the Journal, and the Tavern.  

The Library is where you'll find setting information related to the lands of Barovia.  This includes notable People, Places, Items, and Rumors.  Besides adding flavor to the campaign, the Library also contains clues that can aid your characters in their endeavors.

The Journal is where you'll find weekly updates about your party's progress through the campaign— essentially an adventure log.  Player contributions to the Journal are always welcome, and rewarded handsomely!  

The Tavern is a forum where players and the GM can discuss the campaign between sessions.  In addition, players can submit their own content to these forums in exchange for a group experience bonus during the next session.  This might include character portraits, backgrounds, mid-week roleplaying and journal entries.

More information on experience bonuses can be found in the House Rules section.

Click on the images below to navigate to the different sections. 

Main Page

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